Q.    When will the construction begin?

A.      We are planning to break ground in 2019, but this may change depending on permits and fundraising milestones.

Q.    What will be the first phase of construction?

A.      We are planning to build the school first.  Our school will not be impacted as the construction will be on the other side of our campus.

Q.    How long is it expected to take?

A.      Depending on the final details of the project, we expect the school building to take 6-10 months to build.

Q.    What time will the construction take place? 

A.      During normal working hours, 8 am – 5 pm.

Q.    Will there be construction during the day, while my children are in school? Will it be loud?

A.      Yes, construction will happen during school days, but no disrupting sounds will be heard during school hours.  The construction will be occurring on the other side of our campus; therefore it will not impact the school.

Q.    Will the students be moved to portable classrooms?

A.      No, at this point we plan to keep all students in our school building until we are ready to move them to the new building.

Q.    While my children are at recess or outside play, will there be construction happening?

A.      All construction will be completely isolated on the other side of the campus.

Q.    Will there be increased security around the construction site to prevent any accidents?

A.      Yes, security is our paramount concern. There will be no access from the construction site to the school building and vice versa.

Q.    Will any construction personnel have access to the school?

A.      The construction personnel will not have access to the school campus.  The construction area will be isolated from our school.

Q.    What extra measures are you putting in place to ensure the safety of the children while in school?

A.      We are working around schedules, times and different access and parking spaces, so we can reduce the impact while construction is taking place.  This will ensure the safety of the children since all the construction will be separate from the school.

Q.    Will the school be closed at any time during the construction?

A.      No, we are not anticipating closure at any point.  There will be no interruption of business.

Q.    Will there still be parking available during the time of construction?

A.      At this time we do not have the final renderings, but we will have space available in front of the synagogue and we will rent additional parking at facilities nearby, if needed.

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